And what America can learn from them

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A little over a year ago, my husband and his two daughters moved from Denmark, voted the second happiest country in the world, to America, the eighteenth country on that list. Here’s what they think so far.

American schools look like jails

When my 10-year-old step-daughter joined a (well-ranked) public school in Brooklyn, she asked…

Sometimes I’m just as puzzled as he is

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For a year and a half since moving to New York and then Los Angeles from his home country of Denmark, my husband has been asking me questions about this weird country of ours that I sometimes struggle to answer. It’s not that his questions are difficult. It’s just that…

This tiny unassuming country is the opposite of America and it’s (almost) the happiest place on Earth

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During the 15 years of living and hustling in America, I was convinced that ours was the normal way to live, the only way. I was right around the corner from achieving my American Dream; I thought. Right around the corner from happiness. Until it hit me that there wasn’t…

Two polar-opposite people from two polar-opposite countries

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You couldn’t find two countries more different than America and Denmark. The huge vs. the tiny. The loud vs. the quiet. The money-obsessed vs. the equality-driven. The huge egos vs. no egos at all. The fourteenth Happiest Country on Earth vs. the second. …

We can’t all move to Denmark, but we can bring some of it to us

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When adjusting to life in Copenhagen, I noticed that things were very different in Denmark from back home in New York City. Locals seemed more relaxed, less addicted to their phones, more present with one another. Streets were quieter, shops and restaurants played gentle music on low volume. …

And one pleasant surprise

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I arrived in New York 16 years ago, a young girl from post-Soviet Russia, high on American sitcoms and promises of the American Dream. By now, I have forgotten what it was like not to think or act like an American.

But lately, looking at my adopted country through the…

Why we don’t know where Denmark is and other fun facts

Photo by Dyana Wing Soon on Unsplash

Have you ever tried explaining this weird country of ours to an outsider who asked a lot of questions? That’s my life every day. With a husband who left “the second happiest country on Earth” and landed in America right before the outbreak of COVID, this isn’t just a strange…

And what might

Photo by Photo by Steffen Muldbjerg on Unsplash

The ratings are in and Denmark has once again been named the Second Happiest Place on Earth, following Finland. I wrote a few pieces about my experience of living in this Nordic country and how it compared to the U.S.

Quite a few of my readers expressed not only their…

Not everyone is special (and it’s okay)

Photo by Monika Kozubon Unsplash

My Danish husband, now living in the U.S., loves to talk about this weird country of ours. For someone so set in his ways, the move to America was a radical adjustment. …

Low-fat yogurt is not the cure-all

Photo by Sharon McCutcheonon Unsplash

During his two years of living in the U.S., my husband from Denmark has asked me a fair share of questions about his new home (you can find some of them here) and accumulated a good deal of opinions.

One of the things he likes to talk about is all…

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Writing and laughing about America and the pursuit of happiness.

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